Logbook Loans East Midlands Testimonials

What People Have To Say About Logbook Loans East Midlands.

Mr A. Mandla

Logbook Loans East Midlands helped me get the money I needed when I thought of selling my bought. I can’t imagine what would have happened if I lost my boat for good. They gave me the money I needed at a time I was so desperate. I am thankful for my John who referred me to the best pawn shop in the city. Thank you guys for a wonder full service.

Ms B. Xhosana

I needed to make medical bills for my mother when she was in a critical position and there was nothing I could do, my medical aid was not willing to pay even half of the bills and I was stuck in a position to make a hard decision. Logbook Loans East Midlands provided me with the money I needed when I needed it the most. I am thankful so much because you made the process so simple and I got the money I needed within less than 30 minutes.

Mr P. Oricle

I was so desperate to get cash for my bills after losing my business. I was told to not sell my boat but to use it as an asset to get a loan. I did and I found that it was a good choice. I received the money I needed and go my boat back a few months later. What an amazing service, I am back on my feet and riding the oceans again.

Mrs T. Mandoza

I called Logbook Loans East Midlands because I saw the advert. I didn’t believe that they could actually get me the money I needed within 30 minutes of my loan application approval. Guess what? They did and I am so glad I chose to work with you guys.

Mr G. Rory

I did not hesitate to Logbook Loans East Midlands because my friend got a loan with them and got his boat a few months later and I did not want to lose my boat but I needed the money. What a really fast service, thank you!

Mr F. Van Tonder

I could not believe they gave me the money I requested right after I received  a text  saying my loan has been approved, thank you Logbook Loans East Midlands!